Room for Five

As the visiting artist at the Eastman School of Music, in Rochester (NY) Anna created a joint work with four Eastman composers for the Benson Forum on Creativity.

The work, titled Room for Five, is based on four specific colors and their corresponding musical intervals resulting in five large paintings and four solo piano pieces.

The composers are Rachel Seah, Jason Thorpe Buchanan, Stylianos Dimou, and Anthony Duarte.

The Benson Forum on Creativity is a bi-annual event held at the Eastman School of Music with the purpose of encouraging open discussion on the nature of creativity across artistic disciplines.

"Room for Five" by Anna Schuleit — Four ColorsAt the beginning of the collaboration, the composers chose one color each for Anna to work with. These colors then became the base of Anna’s five paintings, which she made in call and response to the compositions that evolved.

The project was curated by Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez of the Composition Department, and our premiere was held in the beautiful Hatch Recital Hall at Eastman, on April 17, 2012.

In the studio: "Room for Five" by Anna Schuleit

In the studio: “Room for Five” by Anna Schuleit. Anna Schuleit working on "Room for Five"

In the studio: “Room for Five” by Anna Schuleit.

Setting up "Room for Five" in Hatch Hall

Setting up “Room for Five” in Hatch Hall. Special Thanks to Mike Dziakonas and Rick Fuller for their technical support."Room for Five" by Anna Schuleit“Room for Five” by Anna Schuleit, Eastman School of Music.